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We sell  top  quality Woven  and   Knitted  (Greige, Dyed, Finished &  Printed)  Fabrics  of   Pakistan,  Indonesia, India,  Thailand,  China,  Taiwan   and  South Korea origins, which include;


  Cotton Fabrics
  Stretch Fabrics
  Polyester Fabrics
  Linen Fabrics
  Woolen Fabrics
  Ramie Fabrics
  Coated & Bonded Fabrics
  Modal & Lyocell Fabrics
  Polar Fleece & Velvet
  Yarn Dyed Fabrics
  Melange Fabrics
  Slub & Dobby Fabrics
  Sheeting Fabrics
  Wide range  of Blended Fabrics ( P/C, CVC,     C/R, P/R, T/PN , T/P/L, T/L. T/N, C/N, C/L,     C/T, T/P/N, T/P, C/PN,  T/W, PN/N, PN/P )
  Ready  to  Cut  Knitted Fabrics of all types

    (Jerseys,   Piques,  Fleece,  Interlock  ribs,

    Mesh, Yarn dyed striped fabrics etc..)
Other Micro Fibers Fabrics etc...


Cotton (C), Polyester (P), Ryon (R),Tencel (T), Polynosic  (PN),  Nylon (N),   Linen (L),   Ramie (RA), Acetate (AT), Wool (W)


Finishes avaialbe include;


Bleeched, Mercerized, Brushed, Buffed,  Crinkle, Chemical   treatments,   Water   repellent,   Oil repellent,Soil release, Wrinkle  free, Anti-smoke, Peach,  Flame-retardant,   Anti-static,  Special coatings,  Anti-bacteria,   Anti-smell,   Moisture control, Anti-inflamation etc...


Fabric Inspection


Fabric is being inspected  as per buyer’s Quality Standards.

ISO 9001



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