We sell top quality Yarns of Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Thailand,China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Italy and USA origins.

  Cotton Yarn
  Polyester Textured Yarn
  High Tenacity Polyester Textured Yarn
  Cashmere Yarn
  Silk Yarn
  Wool Yarn
  Rayon Yarn
  Polypropylene Yarn
  Bamboo Yarn
●   Polyester/Cotton Blended Yarn
●   Polyester/Viscos Blended Yarn
●   Polyester Ring Spun & Filament Yarn
●   Cotton, P/C, CVC, Rayon/Cotton Melange Yarn
●   Cotton & P/C Sewing Threads
●   Modal & Tencel Fiber Yarn
●   Modal & Tencel/Cotton Blended Yarn
●   Slub Yarn
●   Core Spun Yarn
●   Double & Ply Yarn
●   Open End Yarn
●   Dyed and Bleached Yarn
●   Siro Spun Yarn
●   Thermolite Yarn
●   Linen Yarn
●   Nylon Filament Yarn
●   Gassed & Mercerized Yarns etc.........


The yarn is inspected at three stages i.e. At Ring, At Auto Cone, and After Conditioning, to conduct following tests;


  Actual Count
●   CV % of Count
●   Lea Strength
●   CV % of Lea Strength
●   Twist per Inch
●   T.M.
   Classimate Faults
   Single Yarn Strength
   Single Yarn Strength CV %
   U %
   CVb %
   Thin  Places / 1000 M
   Thick Places / 1000 M
●   Neps /  1000 M
   Cone Moisture
   Cone Tie
   Blow Room Waste %
   Card Waste %
   Comber Noil %  

Packing section is also inspected and following tests are conducted;

   Packing Material
   Gross weight per carton/pallet weight
   Tare weight
 Net weight per carton/pallet
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